Collective for Syria

We are Syrian and/or French citizens, with different religion, occupation and beliefs.

The collective unifying us aims at gathering our strengths and convictions for the defense of Syria and its people, its history and generosity, while maintaining our love for France, its greatness, and values ​​that this country – of adoption for a large number of signatory members – carries with it in terms of humanism, universalism, freedom and democracy.

The collective is committed to taking every possible step to create a National Conciliation, the only mean to engage Syria on the way to changes guarantying equal rights for all, political diversity and separation between religion and State. France could in this way encourage a peaceful dialogue between the various components of Syria.

Our collective has meaning only in this sincere love for Syria and deep conviction that the democratic transition and the thoughtful modernization are the only means of evolution, and not the bloody and blind overthrow of the current regime.

It is up to the Syrians, and Syrians only to decide about their own future!

We support the wish of the Syrians who want to be the sole masters of their destiny.